Excerpted from an article by Liz Kotz from "The Museum of California", a publication of the Oakland Museum, May/June 1990.

In "Bifurcating Crux" the tape moves in and out of industrial and domestic landscapes. Household technologies such as cooking are probed for their unexpected artistic possibilities as Haynes tosses meat onto burners and drips water onto a heated metal surface. In the tape's logic, virtually anything at hand can be turned into a musical instrument or visual curiosity. Familiar objects-a TV screen, a cheap bottle of whisky-float through murky water. The video, beginning in a cemetery, moves through images of household and industrial waste, liquids and solids, while hinting at political undertones.

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"Group Show," Artspace Annex, San Francisco, California, 1990

Video Tape
"The Sound Barrier," Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, California, 1992.
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