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photo: John Blaisdell

merry go round scene from thought crimes in the satiation pool Excerpted from an article by Liz Kotz from "The Museum of California", a publication of the Oakland Museum, May/June 1990.

"... Barney Haynes explores how video can be used to create and collect sounds and images. 'Thought Crimes in the Satiation Pools' (1988), a collaboration with Barry Schwartz.... situate[s] video in a decayed industrial landscape. Composed from elements of a larger installation/ performance pieces, the videotapes work in an aesthetics territory closer to the worlds of industrial music or the machine are of Survival Research Labs than the slicker, television-oriented look of much image-processed video art....

' Thought Crimes' manipulates everyday objects and familiar materials, using them to create unexpected powerful effects. The possibilities of vibration and sound are explored through a range of scavenged materials: old bed-springs, metal coils, piano strings, heated metal bars, dropped into water. In the tape's most striking image, a burning chair twists and turns from a cable, as if a symbol for some unexplained spontaneous combustion of domestic objects. While the video uses an almost process-oriented approach, showing the concrete techniques, which create each sound and effect, the elements are brought together in a composition that is almost musical.


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Video Tape
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